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by Art Fag City on December 6, 2005 Events

Today Tyler Green provides a wrap up on ABMB thus closing the best coverage on ABMB AFC has read. An official AFC high five sent out to Green, in particular, for the unprompted, yet prescient* slap to Murray.

Reason No. 1 that ABMB is better than MoMA: The ABMB folks were serious about keeping cameras out of the fair. This made viewing art, in a convention center, on fake walls and with semi-professional lighting, nicer than looking at art in Studio 53rd, aka the strobe-a-torium that is MoMA.

Reason No. 2 that ABMB is better than MoMA: No Pixar.

Reason No. 3 that ABMB is better than MoMA: No Elizabeth Murray. (I’m beginning to convince myself here…)

Hurray for commentary on exhibition design! This shit is important – if you can’t see the work, it’s a problem. Also, I willingly put aside the Pixar comment, with only a note that I have no problem at all with the studio, since one really cannot overstate the fact that even a “retrospective” of ten of this woman’s paintings is too much.

*Despite it’s good reviews, that show will be forgotten.

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