AFC Reports: Waiting Three Hours For Almost Anything Proves To Be A Waste of Time

by Art Fag City on January 9, 2006 Events

As I described the concept out loud Friday evening of The Studio Visit, an exhibition at Exit Art of video shorts by artists on their work environment listed on Friday’s post, I immediately realized that my positive expectations for the show, had largely been based on my recent enjoyment of Project Runway. There are many factors that can be attributed to the success of a televised competition filmed in the design studios of Parsons, one of the most important being that the episodes are not edited by the participants. And with this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that the exhibition and opening at Exit Art has been generally been described to AFC as a total whore/ego fest. Certainly there will be exceptions to this within the show, but, you know, oh well.

Here at AFC we made the wise decision to spend several hours at the Kitchen waiting to talk with Walid Raad, only to be pushed to the side after a nanosecond of discussion by the millions of adoring fans the man seems to have. Once this “mission” was completed, there was just enough time to visit Alexander and Bonin Gallery, where we managed to get a picture of the artist before the gallery closed for the evening. Yes, the fruits of Saturday evening are that bountiful. There will be no review on Cole’s Sole to Soul, but full coverage of The Atlas Foundation exhibition at the Kitchen will be posted tomorrow.

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