Top Ten List Is Reduced to One

by Art Fag City on January 27, 2006 Events

We are still in the season of the top ten list, which can become incredibly tedious, but thankfully it is no longer January 1st so the barrage of these things has at least slowed. Tyler Green, who was mentioned in an earlier post today, released his top ten list of spaces to watch yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s a quick easy read, and full of good picks.

I’m not going to subject you to a response top ten list, but I will say that if I were to put something like this together, Monkey Town, a venue that has been receiving quite a bit of press from us this week, would be the first on the list. Finally, someone has addressed the fact that watching video art on a cold stool is just not enjoyable. The solution to this problem is so mind numbingly simple that it’s surprising that more venues haven’t had greater success with the formula of food, drink, and some movies/music/performance art. It’s not a new idea, but Monkey Town pulls it off better than anyone else we’ve seen. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed either. December’s “Porn Week”, which featured the homemade videos by stars such as Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton was reviewed in the New York Times, and if rumors such as this mean anything you, Debra Singer is reportedly very excited about the place. Buzz like this is only mildly interesting, because it says nothing about what’s in store for the future but their calendar certainly does. Next month there will be a Blaxploitation History Month series, a Best of Indie Music Video Festival, and Andrea Rosen will host a night of storytelling. Frankly, I feel as though I should just relocate to North 3rd and save myself some commuting time.

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