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by Art Fag City on January 27, 2006 Events

Contest, Contruct, Content
Gallery Boreas
133-A Roebling St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Opening: Friday January 27, 6-8 pm

Paper artist Eric Drury collaborates with Taylor & Miller Architects, to make a mathy Tara Donovan like installation. Sounds promising to me. It’s big, which is a tried and true method of pulling off something that is at least visually compelling, and the artists are MIT and MASS Art graduates which gives the show a high nerd content. And we like nerds.

Joe Bradley: Kurgan Waves
55 Chrystie Street (between Hester and Canal)
January 27 – March 4
Opening: January 27, 7-9pm

CANADA is the story of little gallery that could. They started out in a basement space just south of Canal on Broadway under Leo Koenig Gallery, but were forced to move, after their street traffic all but disappeared in 2001 (the result of September 11th). Since then, they have been at 55 Chrystie slowly developing their business. The early shows at this space tended to be hit and miss, but they appear to be hitting their stride. At least, this is what their press would indicate as in 2005 no less than 6 major publications wrote up their shows. That said, I’m not sure how excited I am about shodily constructed minimalist monochrome canvases made in the shape of people. It might be funny, it might be about as lame as it sounds. I guess the only way to know for sure is to check the show out.

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