AFC Sets the Record Straight

by Art Fag City on February 15, 2006 Events

Lest I forget the trail blazing Finch critic Joao Ribas who just yesterday complained, “AFC really needs to give proper credit to Todd Gibson and myself for starting this one…..”, let me correct this wrong. In July 2005, Notes and Queries wrote the following on the subject of Finch.

Monday July 25

From the Floor’s Todd Gibson also takes Charlie Finch to task:

Have you ever noticed that the only time Charlie Finch has nice things to say is when he’s writing about young women artists who either take their own clothes off or have other young women doff theirs? He couldn’t really be that transparent, could he?

Yes I have. And again. Oh wait. Of course. The prosecution rests.

I would like to be the first to officially issue a journalism badge of honor to Notes and Queries for figuring out how to use the search engine function on artnet.

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