You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home to See Some Art

by Art Fag City on February 17, 2006 Events

Proving to be more hip than Art Fag City, my mother directed me to the subject of this post, The Paper Moon website. While bands are typically outside the scope of what we cover here, the sheer goodness of this site warrants attention. This, and the fact that I just posted several hundred words on the topic of Internet lameness. As such, Paper Moon provides a good counter point to the previous discussion.

Demonstrating that you don’t have to be an Internet wizard to put something useful together on the web, Paper Moons website relies largely on witty text to navigate the user through the site. It has a great home made feel to it, using the “sumptuous” palette of black and orange, a splash page that proclaims “We’ll assume that you have some interest in what we’re doing” . This text is immediately followed by a news section that reads “This also serves to quell the rumors that we are “slack”. We like to call it “News””. Finally news has been defined as it should be: The dispeller of artist anxieties.

Navigating just about anywhere on the site takes you to a new pop up window, which in the age of “browser tabs”, is about the most excessive feature you can add to a website. The bands apparent awareness that this sucks is important because if it wasn’t present, there would be no sense of being teased. Of course, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion while answering skill testing questions about whether the glass of water they have featured on their site is a member of the band. You might be annoyed for having been asked the question, but that would only be because you didn’t click the answer button to find out the answer. The sweetness of this site is that it provides running commentary to what would otherwise be pages banal listings of show dates.

UPDATE: Paper Moon member Chris Hiebert informs me: “The site…is actually going to get redone completely by our label in the next couple of months. Same content, different look, NO POP-UPS. I hope it’s still pleasing…I’ll be sad to see this one go” Whaaaa???? But I loved the Pop-ups! I guess we’ll have to settle with the ease of web navigation…

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