Scope Public Relations Hit All Time Low

by Art Fag City on March 12, 2006 Events

Thankfully Scope has hired the most professional PR team I have encountered, including the man who adamantly informed me “Everyone has been saying Scope is the best fair”. I don’t necessarily have any problem hearing this sort of thing, but unless it is phrased in terms like, “We think Scope is the best fair…”, it is hard not to find this pitch smarmy. There is no point pretending these “facts” are coming from an objective source because they obviously are not. Of course, what is more smarmy is having the same guy tell you that after the carbon monoxide scare Thursday, Scope was able to open promptly at 11 the next day, when this was not at all the case. Who are these people who assume that the press are not going to talk to the exhibitors? According to at least two sources I spoke with, people were not able to enter the building until 12:30 or 1:00 pm, and were then in the unfortunate position of being forced to finish preparing their booths while the fair was open.

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