The Art Blogger Low Down: Who You Should Hate and Why

by Art Fag City on April 7, 2006 Events

Yesterday I attended an Art Blogger meeting hosted by Edward Winkleman and now have all sorts of gossip on your favorite bloggers to report. Here are a few juicy tid bits that you might not have known already:

Tyler Green/Modern Art Notes
: Thinner and taller than you imagine. Also more beardy. All of this makes him pretty much the opposite of the everything you say about a Hollywood star when you meet them in real life.

Todd Gibson/From the Floor: Pretty much exactly how you imagine he would be – except younger. Distinguished by his generosity.

João Ribas/Notes and Queries: A man whose name gives me anxiety every time I attempt to pronounce it. Imagine the smartest person you know. When you meet Ribas you can cross that person’s name out and replace it with his. He is a master of observing the most obvious things you never thought to consider. It’s like having your eyes opened every five minutes. Kind of great, kind of annoying – because of course you always end up wishing you had the whatever it is that makes his brain work.

Tom Moody: Probably the most useful guest you could hope to have in your studio. He is full of great ideas that actually have practical application.

MTAA/MTAA-RR: The great artists I continually sing the praises of are also by far the best looking dudes of the bunch. Too bad they are both married.

Edward Winkleman: Even his eyelashes are red. I knew what he looked like before I read his blog, so I can’t speak of preconceptions in that department, but he does speak exactly like his blog reads. We should all be so lucky.

James Wagner
and Bloggy/Barry Hoggard: Collectors without pretension. Bloggy also runs ArtCal which just came out with a new weekly email service. Finally, an art listing site that is actually useful.

MAO: I spoke to him, (I think), for about two seconds. I believe he was wearing a baseball cap. (rivoting art news, I know).

Heart As Arena: Also taller than you imagine. And decidedly good natured.

If you are wondering where all the chicks were, let me address that issue for you: The women bloggers consisted of me, me, me and one other woman whose name escapes me (courtesy of Edward Winkleman – this woman is Andrea “Sloth” of Log World). I have to admit, it’s a little weird being in a room of people whose voices all operate an octive lower than yours. There is no hope in balancing that sound out on your own. Newsgrist and Edna V. Harris were missed.

Strangely there was no blogger that I met and immediately disliked. I suppose like anything, these types of relationships take time to develop.

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