The Air is Thick With Geek

by Art Fag City on April 20, 2006 Events

Short of bringing Alan Turing back to life so he too could be a lecturer at The Museum of Moving Image this Saturday, you probably aren’t going to get a more exciting guest than Ralph Baer, the inventor of the video game. If you like Pong, he created it. If you enjoy any other video game ever made, ultimately, he’s inspired it. He’s what you would consider a “killer” guest.

The second discussion will include guests Eugene Jarvis (inventor of Defender, the first horizontally scrolling video game), Greg Costikyan (manifesto games and just general awesomeness) and Eric Zimmerman (of GameLab). Being the tech whizzes they are I hope to learn enough from this lecture to keep from calling my Internet connection my “mainframe” when I’m on the phone with tech support. Given that this is a discussion on video games though, it might be a bit much to ask these guys what is mostly likely considered janitorial work in their profession.

Those who happen to vlog as well as game should just camp out at the Museum of Moving Image because Sunday the museum will be hosting Video Blog Explosion. Making a trip out to an on a Sunday may be more than some of us can handle though and for these people, luckily, the nature of this medium is in their favor. I’m going to go ahead and boldly predict plenty of vlogger coverage on this talk.

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