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by Art Fag City on May 5, 2006 Events

DJ Spooky/Paul D. Miller
The Rubin Museum of Art
17th St in the Old Barneys building
Friday May 5th, at 7.30

The awesome Andrew Maerkle, of flavorpill has organized “Artists on Art” series of lectures, for Art Asia Pacific. As part of this program, DJ Spooky will speaking on how rhythm manifests itself in Himalayan art and reading from his latest book Rhythm Science. This means you can expect to hear things like:

…Rhythm science is not about “transparency” of intent. Rhythm science is a forensic investigation of sound as a vector of a coded language that goes from the physical to the informational and back again. Rhythm science. Rhyme time. Rough trade. Sound.Think of it as a mirror held up to a culture that has learned to fly again, that has released itself from the constraints of the ground to drift through dataspace, continuously morphing its form in response to diverse streams of information…”

Tom Moody, Room Sized Animated GIFs
artMoving,166 North 12th Street
May 5 – June 25, 2006
Opening: Friday May 5, 7-9

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It’s hard to explain why anyone should be interested in the art of animated gifs, because most of us will do virtually anything to get them off our screens. So why is there a school of artists out there annoying us? To answer this question, you can attend popular blogger, art critic and artist Tom Moody’s show. There is more to this work than is immediately evident, and next week I will be discussing this in a review of both this show and Michael Bell-Smith’s at Foxy.


Well then you’re in luck because the MFA Thesis show at the Art School of Brooklyn College has been closed by order of the Parks Department. Bloggy has the inside scoop on this one.

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