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by Art Fag City on May 12, 2006 Events

It’s generally a good idea for bloggers to save their posts in a word document instead of, say, writing them out in the blogger window because the application doesn’t have an auto save function, and you could lose a lot of work if your browser crashes. I mean, I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin’.

In any case, apologies for the lateness of this post. Here are few points of note for the weekend round up.

Art Gotham

Another anonymous emailer sent me the artist consignment agreement that Art Gotham is having their artist sign. The gallery of course can dictate any terms it wants, but the claim that they are only about supporting their artists doesn’t hold too much water when they leave the artist responsible for every fee short of rental of the exhibition space. I have posted the agreement below, thus making Art Fag City a much less exciting smoking gun.

The Artist’s commission will be 50% of the total profit from the sale of the painting. Total profit is the price paid (revenue) for the Artwork less any other expenses such as shipping, framing, special delivery, 3% credit card fee, sales commission (if applicable) etc. For instance, if a collector buys an artwork for $4,000 with a credit card, and we offer free shipping. Assuming the credit card fees are $120, sales commission is $400, and shipping is $100, then the total profit for the painting would be $3,380. The gallery and artist would each get 50% of the total profit so each would receive $1,690.

Exhibition and Marketing Costs. The Gallery and the Artist shall agree in advance on the division of artistic control and of financial responsibility for expenses incurred in the Gallery’s exhibitions, receptions and other promotional activities undertaken on the Artist’s behalf. The Gallery shall identify clearly all Artworks with the Artist’s name, and the Artist’s name shall be included on the bill of sale of each of the Artworks.

Art Fairs I won’t be Attending

Art Basel Switzerland and Design Basel Miami are fast approaching and will open June 14-18 and June 12-16th respectively. Unfortunately, blogger does not yet provide travel and accommodation costs for bloggers who are using their free software, so I am in no position to cover these events. Look forward to continuing Chelsea coverage, during that week, – news coverage in a district so dead that week it should be about as exciting as watching someone throw out their trash. Oh wait a minute. I liked that

Blogging Notes

I’m not a huge fan of blogs that only refer to other blogs, but it is worthy of noting that RSS Jockey currently has a great mix on his site. I’d be more specific about what I like, but my browser doesn’t seem to like the site, and is crashing every time I visit it.

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