What Happened?

by Art Fag City on June 8, 2006 Events

If you are wondering why AFC was strangely missing yesterday, it has to do with the fact that blogger was down for the better part of the afternoon. I’d complain about not being able to complain because my publishing provider is free, but even the paid sites suffer from outages from time to time, so I suppose I must chalk it up to “life”.

Of course, even if I had been able to post I’m not sure I would have had anything to put up as yesterdays plans to publish the mother of all interviews went awry when I sadly realized I still had plenty of editing to do. The down side to the “mother” aspect of this upcoming post (a discussion with Michael Bell-Smith and Tom Moody) is its length may well ensure that nobody reads the damn thing. The attention of the average web surfer is well known to be the equivalent to that of a nat. But then you’re not the average websurfer. I know this because I have not once posted any pictures of my or anyone elses ass, and you’re still here. (Let it be known however, that if I had an art ass to post, I would do it).

(text poorly adapted from rebecky)

Post edited 06-12-06 due to suckiness

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