Make Up Plan for the Worst. Week. Ever.

by Art Fag City on June 9, 2006 Events

As problems continue late into the week with blogger, there is a growing discontent among its users. I understand that this must be incredibly boring to read, but I can not fully express my frustration with a bug that inserts broken html into what you have written. My idea of a good time is not searching through lines of code to find the offending tags.

Given the technical issues that have arisen this week, I think I can officially call this week a wash, but hopefully the Michael Bell-SmithTom Moody interview will make up for the crappy posting that has plagued AFC this week. In fact, Tom has already posted a primer to the series today, so I highly encourage you to take a look. Next week we will be hosting three days of heated debate and smart discussion with two of the most interesting new media artists working today. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to the discussion that ensues, as I am sure it will be as lively as the talk itself.

Additional Links

Apologies to Nathaniel Stern for posting this link so late, but the artist and blogger has been profiled in this edition of NYArts. The piece is called Between Text and Flesh, and I highly recommend the read.

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