Proving it is Possible to Provide Both More and Less Information Than a Reader Requires in One Post

by Art Fag City on June 20, 2006 Events

Good God, the summer of boredom is nipping at our heals. New York City heat is partially responsible for driving collectors off the island, and this year I have to take some responsibility for the state of the weather, since I spent most of the month complaining that while “An Inconvenient Truth” may make accurate claims that temperatures world wide have been increasing, this was not going to be the case for the NYC since we had already experienced more than our fair share of below normal temperatures for the Spring. Well, never taunt God, because the result is inevitably more heat than you asked for, and a lack for blog content.

There really is no such thing as slow news day though, so I suppose I will shortly be cursing myself for calling it so. There’s the now old story of Grace Glueck resigning due to perceived conflict of interest in holding a position on the board of the Clark Art Institute which until now still deserved a link from me. While I think it is only appropriate for Glueck to have resigned her post, it should be noted that the Times allows freelancers to apply for exemptions for such positions. Green discusses this a little in his post, when he says “The Glueck conflict is obvious and embarrassing and should not be dismissed as one of those things that is for some reason permissible at the culture desk“, but I doubt the term “culture desk” has any significance to anyone who hasn’t worked in journalism – it certainly didn’t for me. Who knows why her position on the board wasn’t flagged as something that could be perceived as a conflict of interest — it’s an oversight to be sure. UPDATE: Times admits error. What is interesting is how MAN spells out how her position could and potentially already has affected Times coverage. He makes a very compelling case.

Also on the list of things I *need to* half assedly discuss are the five billion emerging artists shows coming up, many of which are curated by successful emerging and mid career artists. Luckily for my readers, I have even less in the way of formed thoughts on this subject. Painter Amy Sillman has curated a show on AIR at Monya Rowe that I’m sure the Anonymous Female Artist will be all over, once she gets over the lack of coverage on that disappointing Nicole Eisenman show**, artist Ellen Altfest has put together an exhibition for I-20 gallery called MEN, a collection of women artists who depict men…another show for Edna, and sculptor Johnston Foster is curating a exhibition for Rare that opens this week called Diamonds Cut Diamonds, which features a bunch of sculpture. I’ll be covering that one though I have no official opinion on it yet since I haven’t seen any of the art, and only know two of the artists in the exhibition. I will say that both of them make excellent work though, so I have high expectations.

In any case, it may be early, but I’m already done with this day. I’ve been feeling rather sucky lately, as in the I suck meaning of sucky, which has resulted in not the best of moods. If I were to stay online, I think it would only be a short period of time before I pulled out my shotgun and destroyed my screen.

**More on why this work is derivative, safe and a step down from her previous work later in the week

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