A Call to MySpace

by Art Fag City on June 26, 2006 Events

The person most in need of a MySpace account: Tyler Green
The other person most in need of a MySpace account: Edward Winkleman

Common you guys, sell your soul to the devil and round my number of friends up to a whopping 58! Some of the best press releases I get come through that site – and we noticed you observed museums using the site too Tyler! Irresistible isn’t it…?

In other MySpace related news, Internet connoisseur Guthrie Lonergan has created a profile for Concept Trucking, the exhibition venue of one of my favorite bloggers LeisureArts. I happen to think it’s excellent – you know in the blinding kind of way only a select few can truly pull off. As Concept Trucking aptly noted in his bulletin – move over Duchamp: “Who needs “Nude Descending a Staircase” when you can have a laptop ascending to heaven”

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