Sick of Weenie Talk Yet?

by Art Fag City on July 5, 2006 Events

If you read this mornings post and the answer to the above title line is yes, check out Modern Art Notes’ The Mystery of Tran Duc Van. It’s funny how once the idea gets tabled that the name Tran Duc Van is a psuedonym, you wonder how you could have ever thought otherwise. Who is Tran Duc Van? See MAN for ideas on that one, but whomever he is, he’s writing posts over at ArtForum’s blog Scene and Herd* without any site explination that the name is a fake one. MAN also does a great job of speculating on how use of the psuedonym could have conflict of interest written all over it.

* It should be noted that Artforum’s column/blog Scene and Herd is quite possibly the worst
play on words used by a professional art magazine in the history of print. It is so bad that I actually get embarassed surfing the site in the privacy of my own home.

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