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by Art Fag City on July 8, 2006 Events

If you’re looking for something art related to do this weekend, good luck. ArtCal reveals there are three openings this weekend worth attending, and one of them is in Newark. There’s always the PS1 Warm-Up series, but I still haven’t picked out my outfit for that event, so I’m guessing that’s out.

Thankfully for the three art enthusiasts who remain in the city this weekend, curator and musician Nick Hallett will also be around, so there are still things to do. Like visit MonkeyTown for example…

Image copyright Monkeytown

Saturday, July 8

7:30pm and 10pm

West Coast musicians and film artists get a venue in New York. Again. This stuff was screened at the New York Underground Film Festival, but like many, I missed it. Now you can see music videos from bands like Deerhoof, Tussle, Eats Tapes, Comets on Fire, Bobby Birdman, Dynasty Handbag, The Gossip, Black Mountain, etc. Other highlights include a clip of Ariel Pink’s ‘Cable Access Follies’ directed by Los Angeles public access gurus, the Threee Geniuses and Sunn 0)))‘s new video for Reptile Lux by Tomas Casas.

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