An Interview with Marc Handelman

by Art Fag City on July 14, 2006 Events

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An interview I conducted with the awesome Marc Handelman has been published by the good folks at Fanzine. This means you get to read a short excerpt below designed to peak your interest and then follow a link to an external site. The conventions of quoting published material are thrilling aren’t they?

All self depricating jokes aside, I think it is important to introduce this interview with the observation that Handelman is among the more articulate artists I have met, offering insight on work that has been of influence to him, and his own studio practice. Granted I’m biased, but I really think his thoughts are great.

The viewing experience Marc Handelman creates is not one of comfort – his unsettling work references a history of painting that ranges from the Hudson River School to Abstract Expressionism to Thomas Kinkade, and depicts troubling landscapes, billboards and nationalistic iconography. Neither of these things is particularly chilling in and of themselves, but it is Handelman’s virtuoso handling of light that makes the subject matter take on a dark and sometimes even sinister feel. The result is varied, but always leaves the viewer with an indefinable yet very clear disquieted feeling. Click here to read the full story.

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