Retitled: Electric Skin is Now Code-Z

by Art Fag City on July 19, 2006 Events

Electric Skin, a site which described itself as a black art magazine focusing on articles that present new visions of art throughout the black diaspora,” was one of 12 blogs reviewed in Art In America's “Art in the Blogosphere” feature in 2005, but since that time appears to have dropped off the map. Until now that is. Now appearing as Code-Z, this online magazine has plans to relaunch in August. What can we expect from such a publication? According to their site:

  • Art world insider news and information updated daily
  • In-depth views into the lives and work of artists who push boundaries and push buttons
  • Member profiles to connect with other visual creatives and the folks who like to hang out with them.

Considering that in the past Electric Skin has provided content such as a conversation between artist Chris Ofili and DJ Spooky and a three-part report on an art conference in Nigeria*, this is one launch I think we should all look forward to. That is assuming they set up RSS feeds for those of us who religiously check our newsreaders.

UPDATE: I am told RSS Feeds are part of their site development plans.

*I can't find the archives, so I've listed the noteworthy content mentioned in Art In America.

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