Recalculating the Amount of Time I Will Spend Throughout My Life Waiting In Line

by Art Fag City on September 7, 2006 Events

For those who decided to hold off on gallery hopping until tonight, let me say that you can not begin to imagine the thrill to be had in waiting in line for an hour and a half at Deitch Projects just to see the latest Michel Gondry exhibition. Gondry, who is best known for his movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, opened a show of the sets from his latest movie The Science of Sleep, and attracted an audience no one could have predicted.

AFC had the good fortune of sharing the line with most of last years rejects from the failed Deitch sponsored reality show Art Star* a fate only marginally removed from hell. Flanked by an artist with clown red hair and a tattoo that read “I am living art”, it didn't take long before the words “this is for suckers” passed through my lips. And you know, thank God that thought occurred to me, because when I walked to the entrance to try and get a better look at how the line was moving, I saw that the gallery was only letting five to seven people at time into a sparsely populated gallery. Needless to say, I did not make it into the show and no Gondry spottings were made. I did however manage to take these crappy ass photographs of the cardboard car in the window display, and document the four gallery goers inside the space. Oh yes, it was an evening of great tidings to be sure.

UPDATE: A reader informs me that the exhibition is small and consists of cardboard props such as toilet paper rolls (well worth the wait I’m sure,) and video clips from the movie. Some drawings are also on display and a 30 dollar Calander in French is available. According to this source, the only highlight of the show was “a rig of two hanging ropes… you pull on the ropes and the face on the video screen opens left and right eye accordingly.” He also did not spot Gondry.

*The gallery notably insists on labeling this piece of shit a documentary.

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