Found: One Weird Motherfucking Listing

by Art Fag City on September 8, 2006 Events

Is there nobody who thinks this blurb in The DKS Saturday listings isn’t more than a little strange?

Afternoon opening! The incredibly brilliant Flemish Beauty and recently graduated Hunter bold facer MFA painter/sculptor and perennial DKS List favorite Katerina Lanfranco‘s first solo show “Ursus Horribilis”, her impressive and ambitious Unnatural History Museum Diorama of the unintended consequences of climactic change featuring the mutant Humanoid Bear and her hard scrap desert forest pal the unicorno-giraffe at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, 4-6pm

Why is this Canadian-born artist described as a “Flemish Beauty”, and why are the words capitalized as though this is a title bestowed upon her? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a fetishization in a listing before.

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