Website Development in the Art World: Some, but Not All Prayers Answered

by Art Fag City on September 11, 2006 Events

Executive Director of Eyebeam, Amanda McDonald Crowley, tells AFC that Eyebeam will soon be releasing Reblog 2.0. I'm not sure what this will entail exactly, and though the news is apparently on the site somewhere but I will be damned if I can find it. Perry Lowe, the director of communications at Eyebeam, mentioned sometime ago that the organization has plans to redesign their website as well, which means the face of Eyebeam should look very different within the next year or so. More news on this as I receive it.

News Only in That The Site Remains the Same

Exit art made promises of a new web design last January, which they have still not made good on. It’s not like the organization is without good programming, but it’s very difficult to take a gallery seriously when even McDonald’s has managed to find someone who has a better sense of web aesthetics than they do.

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