Albino Ferrets and Ejaculating Marquis de Sade Together At Last

by Art Fag City on September 15, 2006 Events

Let's discuss for a moment the seriously weird ass shit Jack the Pelican currently has on display. Peter Caine is the latest exhibition at this gallery, and it is every carnies wet dream. The first sculpture a viewer sees when they walk into the space is a giant boat filled with lumpy shaped historical figures, undoubtedly the most eye catching being the member of the Marquis de Sade whose giant erect penis endlessly ejaculates water into his pants.

There are at least 10 other sculptures of this ilk in the gallery which viewers will have yet another evening to discover as there is a poetry reading in the gallery tonight at 8 by none other than Bill Etra. Leave it to Jack the Pelican to find the only guy whose work wouldn't be overshadowed by the amusement park currently installed. Bill Etra is a quadriplegic albino Ferret poet, who is known not only for building the first video synthesizer in the 70's, and co-founding The Kitchen, but also for reportedly keeping such strange company as the man who kept an armless midget on a chain at all times. Etra also claims to have the only surviving footage of San Francisco's renowned drag queens, the Coquettes.

The gallery tells me that regrettably, Etra's original ferret passed away, but that he now has another that he is bringing to the reading. Apparently the previous one had red eyes and fangs, and would yawn on command for the audience thereby scarring the shit out of them. Etra views this particular ferret as being more Egyptian than the last, but who knows what this means. I'm sure all will be revealed in the poetry though, so all we need to do to decode this mystery is attend the event.

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