Jpeg Critics Ready Your Monocles

by Art Fag City on September 15, 2006 Events

Artist Randy Wray informed AFC today that he has been selected from an artist database of thousands called Your Gallery, to be one of 30 finalist's in a reader curated contemporary art show sponsored by The Saatchi Gallery and Guardian Unlimited. For those who are just learning about Your Gallery, it is the UK equivalent to re-title except it's owned by Saatchi, free to use, better to look at, and lacks an alphabetical sort function. It also, apparently lacks the vote function on their competition site, so you have to navigate back and forth to the Guardian cast your ballot on which artists you like best.

As annoying as this is, I think the art world has cause to celebrate now that the Amazon reader rating system has officially migrated to the blue chip art galleries. So, dear readers, let the rigorous Saatchi/Guardian jpeg critique begin. Look at some great artist work here. Choose your three favorites here. Randy Wray would like to win, so give him an extra look, and then help him out.

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