Massive Links! “Remixing” the New with the Old

by Art Fag City on September 19, 2006 Events

Screens: The New York Times has changed the look of their culture blog Screens, opting for a standard wordpress template. You'd think the paper would take the time to customize their blogs, since as it stands now there is no difference between it and Tuckova (and countless other blogs using the design). Of course, given that they cover material that typically appears in these sorts' templates this could be the point, but at least the rest of us take the time to size our jpegs properly, and come up with a bi-line that is different than the title of our blog. We also take the time to add the names of our bloggers. Why is Virginia Heffernan's name not on this blog?

UPDATE: It looks like whatever template the Times was experimenting with, it was not one they decided to keep. I noticed they changed their look back to the original at around 10 last night.

Code Z: The art weblog is now recruiting new talent in the Atlanta area to improve their already excellent website. As “intern and volunteer” indicates, the pay is shit, but I guess blogging, coding or whatever it is you donate gets to be its own reward.

Banksy: Leave it to Internet nerds to make an ongoing news story out of a half rate artist. The ball started rolling early September, when Banksy replaced hundreds of copies of Paris Hilton's album with his own remixes. Gawker makes no claims of expertise in the field of art criticism, but you have to hand it to them for summing up the hoax brilliantly.

Self-important prank video and moderately amusing track sample here, though you can more quickly digest the joke via the remix album art.

His newest work shown in LA over the weekend is no more than a painted elephant, but that doesn't mean you can go anywhere on the Internet without reading about it. Boring art lovers of the world have united”¦at last. Let's try and move on.

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