The Unofficial Blacklisting of Art Bloggers

by Art Fag City on September 19, 2006 Events

It has not gone by unobserved here at AFC that we have been removed from ArtForum's links and resources page. Now, there is no saying for certain that this is related to our recent criticism of their one of their Critic Picks, but we can’t help but wonder if the two are connected. While we're on the subject of ArtForum's link section we might as well ask why there are is only one artblog listed in a links section dedicated to among other things, weblogs.*

UPDATE: Brian Sholis informs me that he oversees the links himself, and that Art Fag City has not been blacklisted, nor has any other blogger. The approval process is such that most art bloggers who submit their site for listing will be granted the link. How long does this listing last? Sholis speculates that it depends on when you signed up. NEWSgrist appears to be on the list indefinitely as the blog signed up very early on in the process, people who list themselves now get rotated off the list after a set period of time. You know how we wondered if there was a connection between our delisting, and our review of their critic’s pick? There isn’t.

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