Burt Barr To Show PS1 Audience a Good Time

by Art Fag City on September 20, 2006 Events

PS1 has a slew of opening day celebrations that begin roughly a month from now, but if you just can't wait to see some new stuff at the museum, Photographer and video artist Burt Barr: Recent work, opens tomorrow and runs through January 8. Given that the show is comprised entirely of video, it’s doubtful you’ll be seeing the image above, but the use of cut out geese, has a strong relationship to his new work (for which there are not yet images available.) The press release describes his most recent low tech video, revealing a few of these connections.

In Summer 2005 Looped (2005),…Barr turns the camera on the idyllic setting of a yard behind a shingled house on Long Island. Rivulets of water that run over and distort this scene of the artist relaxing on a bench set amidst grass and trees lend a hallucinatory quality to an otherwise uneventful sequence. Barr achieved this “special” effect by shooting into a mirror onto which he also aimed a sprinkler gun.

I realize this sounds like it could be a bad haunted house effect, but beautifully shot work that has an air of tranquility rarely reads this way. This, in combination with nine other video works, including Watching The Paint Dry: Red, and Watching The Paint Dry: Blue, should be enough to put art thrill seekers into a coma. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing that aspect of the show unravel.

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