The Art Fag City Emerging Artists Summer Series Closes…Five Days into Fall

by Art Fag City on September 26, 2006 Events

Unfortunately the Art Fag City Emerging Artist Summer Series ended up extending well into the fall, due to summer vacations and September gallery madness, but all and all we couldn’t be happier with the results. A special thank you has to be handed to artists who without exception worked to meet the Art Fag City written artist statement requirements we outlined at the beginning of this project, and talked at length to me about their work – often at a moments notice. For readers who took the summer off, or who simply want to read the features endlessly, each of the artists can be found on the side bar, or for your super duper convenience immediately following the next punctuation point.

Rob Carter, Charlotte Nicholson, Tara Giannini, Saul Chernick, Anne Polashenski, David McBride, Susan De Seyn, Danielle Mysliwiec, and Jen Corace (featured artist directly below this post).

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