Via My Inbox: On Saltz and Underwear

by Art Fag City on September 27, 2006 Events

By far the best email I have received on the subject of Jerry Saltz’s Women of Babylon, comes from the artist John Cox. I have to say I enjoy anything that skewers a retail chain that claims to treat their employees well, while using exploitive photographs of women to promote their clothing.

So I was reading this article, and really getting into it…and all of a sudden an American Apparel girl scrolled on to the screen looking like some sort of inverse illustration for the article. I became very confused and conflicted by the image and began to question where Mr. Saltz would be taking me in the article. For a moment I thought he might be trying to illustrate a time worn cliche about demure women in vulnerable situations or some shit. However I quickly realized it was just an ad, and after refreshing the page, a black berry ad took its place…alleviating my distress.

Good article… John Cox

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