The Ben and Marisa Show Travels to MonkeyTown

by Art Fag City on September 28, 2006 Events

Scene: Two stand lights, one small, one large

Voice overlay: “Mom, I think I feel Sick”¦”

Cue falling of small lamp.


The above is a rough approximation of what the screenplay for an early William Wegman video might look like, and an example of the kind of dry humor artist Ben Coonley employs. His cohort for the Saturday night extravaganza of PowerPoint presentation send-ups, subversive blogging, pro-sporting simulacra ETC, is artist Marisa Olson, who is best known for her American Idol blog, and general Internet maverickness. What does the promise of pro-sporting simulacra mean? I have no idea, but if ever there was an event to be live blogged, it would have to be blogger performance art, (because then no one would critize bloggers for being self absorbed.) Art Fag City is unfortunately short of laptops that evening though, so this responsiblity will have to fall on someone who is equiped with one, or, you know, some sort of fancy phone with blogging software installed on it.

58 N 3rd street (btwn wythe and kent)
two shows: 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm for reservations

UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties with blogger, some of you may have noticed earlier that I published the same post three times. This is a free software bug that occassionally occurs because blogger blows. However, the prior version of this post which contained an incomplete description of a William Wegman video can only be attributed to human error. This has been hard to fix, because the system has been down most of the today. I apologize for all glitches and blunders that are littering the site today.

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