BREAKING: Job Opportunities Found Via NYFA

by Art Fag City on October 2, 2006 Events

Screengrab AFC

Last year I reported that the collective Art Hijack had fired Trong G. Nguyen, one of two principals, citing a lack of commitment to a medium as the cause for dismissal. It is unclear if the search was successful, as we never did recieve an announcement explaining who they found to fill the job, but it would appear it no longer matters. Art Hijack placed an ad on NYFA today to replace themselves. The listing reads as follows:

Art Collective Principal Partner
Art Hijack
(New York NY)

We are a two-person art collective (one man, one woman) looking to replace ourselves with a 2007 version that is just as brilliant, sexy, and toeing the edge. Please see the web link for full job description.

I’m not sure what meaning, if any, we’re supposed to attach to the fact that is no web link or email address provided, but whatever. I’m sure the pay is great, so really the only question is who’s going to figure out how nab this opportunity up first?

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