The Tokion Debate in Stasis

by Art Fag City on October 11, 2006 Events

Wooster Collective announced Monday that they offered to meet Tokion conference organizer Ken Miller for a beer to discuss the fact that there was still only one female represented amongst the 23 male participants at the “Creativity Now” conference. Silence on their end since then. I haven’t heard word from any of the participants about taking a stand on the issue, which frankly saddens me, because it makes the participants just as culpable as the organizers.

It has also not gone by unobserved, that barring The Design Observer no male “A list” bloggers have weighed in on the issue. Jen Bekman has compiled a list of over 350 women who could be invited to even out these numbers so I’m sure the conference could find 10 women in that list who would arrange their schedules so they can talk on the panel. I have created a permanent link in my side bar for this post under resources, with the dim hope that conferences will refer to this list in the future, so I won’t have to discuss this any more.

UPDATE: Jason Kottke, Wooster Collective and Bloggy have all linked to Jen Bekman’s list of women in the arts. Tokion has added four women to the list of speakers at their conference

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