Williamsburg Hipster Finally Gets a Book Deal

by Art Fag City on November 3, 2006 Events

Proving that quantity and strategic placement of street tagging can eventually get you somewhere, graffiti artist UFO is the subject of a new book that launches this Monday. Virtually every “cool” neighborhood in the city is familiar with the UFO tags, but I have yet to see an alien by this artist that is compelling in anyway. But this really isn’t an issue when the subject of the book is described to be as much about the documenters as it is the artist.

“…four urban explorers record and decode the work of one of New York City's most vilified and elusive graffiti artists. Using historical and scientific documentation, government records, personal narratives and photographic evidence, the Combustive Motor Corporation thoroughly documents their relentless pursuit of meaning within the markings of a figurehead of underground art who appears only in the form of his spray-painted avatars”

Thank God the X-files team is on this project, otherwise we might never decode the great mystery that is UFO. The launch is a joint project by Combustive Motor Corporation, Lodown Magazine, and Larissa Goldston Gallery. Listing via FreeNYC

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