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by Art Fag City on November 6, 2006 Events

Brice Marden, “The Propitious Garden of Plane Image, Second Version,” 2000-2006.
  • How much should the average person have to read about Brice Marden? According to The New York Times, about once weekly, (not including magazine supplements.) Alec Soth on this here. You might as well peruse the whole blog though, since it’s fantastic.
  • The L.A. Times reports a new study by the NEA on arts attendance and volunteerism finds participation within the field is dropping amongst Americans 18-34. Apparently the jock crowd is picking up disenchanted artists, which means that we can expect any future poor performance by American sports teams to be blamed on art. Update: Patrick at Rhizome points out that I missquote the Times. Looks like today I reveal my stupidity, as he is indeed correct. The LA Times article actually indicates that arts participation and athletic participation are co-related.

Installation view, George Billis Gallery
  • The Art and Commerce of One Hot Block, an article run in the New York Times Friday about Chelsea real estate, manages to highlight some of the worst galleries on 25th street (George Billis for example – a gallery currently hosting a landscape show that is remarkable only in its unremarkableness) while implying that smaller galleries like Lyons Wier are toiling in obscurity. Statements like these make you wonder just how often critic Randy Kennedy is looking at art, since Lyons Wier is an excellent gallery, and is by no means unknown within the Chelsea community.

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