The Teaches Of Peaches

by Art Fag City on December 7, 2006 Events

Is Peaches even in this photo? You tell me. Photo: AFC

Note: For the Art Basel fair review scroll down to the next post.

Turns out rich people like Peaches. Typically, that demographic isn’t mine though, so I ran into many of my friends as they were exiting the concert. Most found there were too many people in one place to really enjoy themselves. That wasn't the best aspect of the show to be sure, but then, it is a concert, so you have to know that's what you're getting into when you go to something like that. Speaking of which, if you read this post and were anticipating stories of men fucking watermelons, I don't have anything so exciting to report. Peaches wore her tight pink hot undies, (which is clearly evident from the photo I took), but if there were men fucking I didn't notice it. I suppose if one useful thing came out of the evenings activities, it is that upon the suggestion of a young gallerist I ran into there, I decided that I would visit the Rubell Collection tomorrow. I am told it will be well worth my time. Also, I hear you get a bagel.

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