Art Fair Culture in Miami

by Art Fag City on December 8, 2006 Events

The Shore Club, Miami

The sun sets in Miami, and the city is transformed into a giant dot com party. Most of the hotels are hosting private events in the evenings, which all seem to be characterized by long flowy sheets draped from the ceilings, projection screens featuring some sort of “cool” moving graphic black and white design, and drinks that cost 20 bucks a piece. The young male collared shirt and pressed jeans is a popular look here, as is the my-tits-are-falling-out-my-shirt-and-I-know-you-like-it look.

This is not my favorite aspect of art fair central, but there is some relief from it. Last night for example Foxy Production and the New York Underground Film Festival co-hosted the “Not-Straight-Out-Of-Compton” party at The Laundry Bar. Men sporting metal t-shirts and women who wear comfortable shoes are my kind of people, and thankfully the bar was full of them. John Thomson of Foxy Production DJ’d part of the event, which he tells me was his first endeavor of this nature (at least in public). Not that Thomson does this specifically because it’s cool, but you have to admit, the gallery gets cool points for putting together an event like this, and then DJing parts of it themselves. Speaking to the sentiment that art fair culture leaves little to be desired, but is powerful enough to uncoolify the best of us, Ben Jones of the collective Paper Rad put it best last night when he observed, “You know Fox’s still okay, because the bar is hard to find!”*

*Not an exact quote, but the sentiment is accurate. It was a party so I wasn’t recording every conversation that took place.

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