DiVA: The Digital & Video Art Fair

by Art Fag City on December 10, 2006 Events

Are collectors confusing DiVA with TiVo? It actually seems possible since DiVA isn’t getting much foot traffic even though they are showcasing some of the most interesting work in Miami this year. Part of this might have to do with the fact that the only advertising I’ve seen for this fair seems to exist in the form of email. There are no signs around the city for DiVA and they are off the main fair trip so you have to know about them to get there. Illustrating the severity of this problem is the fact that I’ve heard more about Frisbee, a renegade art fair that is using a poster campaign to get people to come to their space, and according to one gallerist “doesn’t officially exist”, (whatever that means.) Despite the fact that said gallerist makes the fair sound like a product of The X Files, I doubt I’ll make it there. Why should I when I already know that DiVA is amongst the best fairs in city?

Note: A full write up on DiVA will appear later this week on The Reeler.

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