Remember, Giving is a Performance Art

by Art Fag City on December 14, 2006 Events

Hot on the heels of Regine at We Make Money Not Art, AFC throws a little support to our good friends at Rhizome. The online new media organization is currently raising funds for their end of the year community campaign. Your donations means greater support for new media artists, and more art for us to discuss here. Deadline December 31.

Photo copyright Vertexlist

Speaking of giving, Vertexlist’s benefit party and raffle takes place tonight at 7. For a mere $200 dollars you can help the gallery pay its rent, and take home a great new media art work. Vertexlist has put together an online catalogue of art that has been donated, so that supporters know in advance exactly what they are getting into.

Participating artists include: Rene Allain, Mauro Altamura, Joe Amrhein, Lee Arnold, Mike Ballou, Roddy Bogawa, Brice Brown, Pam Cardwell, ETEAM, Biteditions (John Flear) , Matt Freedman, Doug Henderson, Mike Houston, JODI, Scot Kaplan, Mimi Kim, Maria Lopez & Ernesto Restrepo, Jillian Mcdonald, Tricia Mclaughlin, Jim Nolan, Joe McKay, Anja Mohn & Renate Aller, Luke Murphy, Aron Namenwirth, Jason Ogden, John Parker, Linda Post, Marcin Ramocki, Mauro Ceolin, Akiko Sakaizumi, Paul Slocum, Jude Tallichet, Jason van Anden, David Wells, CJ Yeh, Carlo Zanni

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