Paper Thin Walls 2006 Mixtape: The Stocking Stuffer for the Consumate Web Surfer

by Art Fag City on December 18, 2006 Events

Image copyright Paper Thin Walls

I’m not going to bother to try and spin this as art related — we’re covering the music review website Paper Thin Walls because we'd be fools not to report on the fine tidings available for download at that site. Fresh as of this morning, PTW offers a double CD set featuring each reviewer's favorite single of the year, and the equivalent of a masters thesis in write ups and interviews with each selected artist. “Our list is not ranked, not very scientific and not exhaustive at all. But every song on it is a number one to somebody.” writes editor Christopher Weingarten, thus capturing the true spirit of the mixed tape. And indeed you do find the best of this art form at PTW: The compilation is personal, carefully curated, and most importantly, free.

Vaguely related: Tom Moody’s Blip Festival cell phone message. Could you get a better sound bite?

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