Miami Will Never End: The Fair Ratings

by Art Fag City on December 20, 2006 · 1 comment Events

At some point the Miami art fair posting has to end, but there are a few things we have yet to tie up. The official AFC fair ratings for example, have until now, gone unpublished. We’ll be referring back to these this coming Febuary during the New York art fair madness to evaluate fair performance so be sure to bookmark this post. From best to worst below.

#1 Art Basel – Great art, great organization, great breadth. My favorite thing about this fair: It’s like looking at the physical curation of the 20th Century Art Book in that it pairs the most unlikely artists and galleries together for exhibition. The main difference between the two: Basel is decidedly less alphabetical in its heirarchy.
#2 Aqua – Excellent survey of contemporary art in a hotel. Very Miami. Points given for having a fountain the middle of their courtyard.
#3 Nada – Excellent range of contemporary art in an industrial space. Points for not being located in a hotel.
#4 DiVA – A failure as a fair, but the work was so great, it stays at #4.
#5 Flow – Sleeper hit of Miami. Flow is an invitational fair that exists primarly to accomidate those who were not accepted to Pulse due to this years large numbers. Ironically the overflow is far superior to the original fair.
#6 Scope – Much improved since the spring, but they are still plagued with galleries that could use an “art install 101” course. I believe it is part of Scope’s initative to support these galleries by helping them get up to speed, which is an admirable quality, if only they could get a few more of these people on board. They are host to more New Media galleries than any other fair (barring DiVA), which I like.
#7 Pulse – Stale. Performed poorly particularly relative to last Febuary’s New York fair.
#8 Bridge Art – Over all a bad fair, though I’ve been informed that I missed at least one gallery.

Everyone else: Apologies. I missed your fair.

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