The All-In-One Woodworking Tool

by Art Fag City on January 8, 2007 Events

Image via Sears

Alright art nerds, I hadn’t planned on posting the rest of the day, but Make has made this impossible. Phillip Terrone has just posted Craftsman’s latest woodworking tool, an $1800 computer controlled CNC machine. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow describes it as a 3-D printer, which doesn’t mean that it prints holograms on wood, but rather that you can rip, cross cut, miter, contour, joint and route, without having to own a separate tool for each job. Hello all-in-one printer of the woodworking world! Product description below:

“Compact, computer-controlled, 3-dimensional woodworking machine with an easy-to-use interface. It allows a novice to make a complete project without a shop full of tools.The unique configuration allows it to perform many other woodworking functions, including ripping, cross cutting, mitering, contouring, jointing and routing. The CompuCarve can work in most soft materials, including wood, plastics (polycarbonate or cast acrylic) and certain types of high density foam. Set includes CompuCarve machine, (1) 1/16 in. carbide carving bit, (1) 1/8 in. carbide cutting bit, CarveWright Memory Card, starter software package, (2) 1/4 in. bit adaptors, vacuum bag adaptor, bit removal tool, hex wrench, owner’s manual and Quick Start Guide.”Link.

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