Chelsea Openings Tonight!

by Art Fag City on January 11, 2007 Events

C5, The Perfect View, Installation Shot at Sanfrancisco Camera Work, 2005
Image copyright C5

If you are wondering what evening you can go to Chelsea and maximize your art opening attendance, tonight would be the night. There are probably more receptions than you’ll be able to attend, so check out ArtCal for the full list. The show with the most buzz around it would have to be Foxy’s, group exhibition Networked Nature which was listed in ArtInfo’s “On the Horizon: Top Ten List for 2007“, and this week’s Flavorpill pick. Do new technologies effect and/or influence the way we experience the natural world? Is the sublime constant? San Jose artist collective C5 is either asking that question, or operating on the belief that it is, and therefore using the advice of geocachers to point them to locations across the United States that fit this description. I suppose we can all judge what the results of these investigations mean tonight. Networked Nature is organized by Marisa Olson, Editor and Curator, for Rhizome.

Later today: More top 10 lists.

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