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by Art Fag City on January 24, 2007 Events

Leisure: An Art Journal: Issue #0, a questionnaire

Brian Kennon and Bobbi Woods at 2nd Cannons Publications land the subject of yet another post here at AFC, releasing my new favorite journal, Leisure: An ArtJournal: Issue # 0, a questionaire. In this series, Kennon and Woods ask artists, writers and gallerists to discuss radness and artistic production. The questions are as unexpected as many of the answers, and the work once again takes on the alluring 2nd Cannons Publications trademark look. Typically characterized by a hip image made more “fun” through graphic design and text, the publishing house does an excellent job of creating books that are carefully curated and frighteningly clever. Of course, you can feel free to take all of this with a Paddy Johnson grain of salt, as I am one of the contributors to the first issue. 2nd Cannons published a number of the responses from artists like AA Bronson and Michael Smith on their site, but if you want to read what I have to say on the subject of radness, Wegman, and other pressing issues, for once you’ll have to pay for it. It’s counterintuitive I know, but look at it this way: You need a book with a skateboarder on it to round out your collection.

Favorite Q&A
Q: What is your name?
Q: Radicality or total radness? Bitchin’
Q: How does radness fit into your practice? PRAC-rad-ICE-ness
Q: What is wrong with Entertainment? What is wrong with you?
Q: Have you ever personally seen a mystic truth? Coincidence
Q:Total deconstruction or total destruction? Fuck You
Q: Avant-garde or Avant grad? Gradually avante
Q: Name the funniest piece of art ever created. Ok…”I just farted”, mixed media, 2006
Q: William Wegman: Great artist? Or the greatest artist? I love dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs?

Participants are: Evan Holloway, Bruce Hainley, Lawrence Weiner, Michael Smith, Bruce LaBruce, Darren Bader, Mayo Thompson, AA Bronson, Jess Holzworth, Corrina Peipon, Brian Bress, Julie Lequin, Meg Cranston, Natascha Sofia Snellman, Monique Prieto, TRUDI, Drew Heitzler, Elk, Christopher Russell, Tom Allen, Catherine Taft, Betty Tompkins, Kathe Burkhart, Michael Ned Holte, Paddy Johnson, Ami Tallman, Daniel Hug, and lastly, Jason Meadows (whose answers we found insulting).

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