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by Art Fag City on February 13, 2007 Events

CAA News
Betye Saar is receiving CAA’s 2007 Artist Award for Distinguished Body of Work. Saar’s assemblages are still vibrant. Don’t miss her talk with African American art scholar Camara Holloway on Friday at ARTspace.

Bring it, Doggies!
Tired of planning for CAA and next week’s fairs? Take a break with Magnum and Slate’s pooch pictorial marking the start of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Also check out the show’s blog for all the backstage drama.

ArtCal – Triple Candie – Limelight, Coffeehouse and gallery, 1954-61
The only thing we know for sure about this exhibition is that you can get a cup of coffee for 25 cents. It might be a send-up of the Limelight or it might be an homage. Read the press release and decide if the original exhibition actually existed.

Sleepwalkers Mashup
I Like Nice Things tags Aitken’s work for their own and uses videos of people you might actually see on your daily commute (instead of Chan Marshall).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s session picks for the College Art Association Annual Conference.

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