Timothy Buckwalter: Bury The Ones You Love

by Art Fag City on February 16, 2007 Events

I have to be honest – this is not the best week I’ve ever had. In the past two days I have missed three trains as a result of the weather and spent close to four days either without an Internet connection or with one of those near useless ones that block nearly any site you’d want to look at for objectionable content. As a result I feel nervously out of touch, lazy for having watched enough Law & Order to identify virtually every working New York actor in the city, and sadly, even mildly lonely. Please blame corporate America for denying my access to every site but the Apple store, and the fact that even though I curated a show of drawings for Timothy Buckwalter early this week, and it’s only now that I have the opportunity to mention it.

My write up for the show below:

In honor of Valentines Day I selected drawings by Timothy Buckwalter that speak to bad people and those who love them. It's the age old story of the girl who unjustly left you when you told her it was lesions that were affecting your mood. Or something like that. Bury The Ones You Love is about the underbelly of romance, and the contempt we feel towards those who inspired the term.

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