This Week in Art: Like Drinking So Much You Puke and Then Going Back into the Bar for More (Part Two)

by Art Fag City on February 20, 2007 Events

Last year around this time I titled my post similarly because only during this time of year in New York you can see so much poorly exhibited work in one place. Yes, that’s right, starting tomorrow with the ADAA, the art fairs open around the city. Unfortunately we do not yet have an art fair district, so you can count on making several trips around town.

As it stands now I am most looking forward to the press preview at the Armory, as they promised the Director of MoMA, and center of scandal Glenn Lowry will be present. Hopefully Culturegrrl will be there to harass the poor man so that loathsome job doesn’t fall on me.

For a full fair list see bloggy.

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