Brand Expands Product Line to Customizable MP3’s Which Play The Sound of The Earth’s Surface

by Art Fag City on March 2, 2007 Events

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G-Player, a device conceived by artist Jens Brand “plays the world in the same way a record player plays the earth”, by combining a topographic database that contains the altitudes of the surface of the planet, and a dynamic database that calculates the orbits of any public-use satellite. The result? A lot of silence. The earth’s surface consists primarily of water, which reads as zero altitude and no translatable sound to the G-Player.

I rather like this aspect of the work, but Brand’s ever expanding line of G-based products address the concerns of customer from a variety of angles. As such, he now offers G-BEE (The Global Bee Liner), which allows you to choose two spots on the planet to create your own personal track (choosing a route over land will create a set of unique sounds.) Similarily G-One gives you the chance to choose from a variety of satellites and have your own mp3 made (vinyl coming soon.)

Brand’s site launches March 3rd, at which point you can purchase your own track at a cost 5 euros per 5 minute. However, the artist has extended a special offer to Art Fag City readers, as between 7pm to Midnight March 2nd, these items will be available for free (according to the artist, paypal connections will not be running during this time.) I suggest checking in early though, as I suspect these are Central European times.

Note: The website does not launch until tonight, so the link I’ve provided will not work until then.

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