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  • Valleywag, Silicon Valley’s Tech Gossip Rag Denton knows nothing about design. A few days ago he naively questions the wisdom of Gizmodo receiving the bloggie best design award, today I notice Valleywag has received the worst makeover ever. Somebody stop the man before he burns a hole in my eyes.(tags: Blogging publishing design)
  • the show with zefrank This will mean nothing to those who haven’t been watching the zefrank show, but his last vlog was posted Saturday. Go through some of his archives if you haven’t already – smart and very funny.(tags: funny internet politics)
  • Boing Boing: Anna Nicole sad stoned clown portrait in glitter Boing Boing promotes art that ends up in Diesel ads as though it’s interesting. Again.
  • CultureGrrl: Culturegrrl has an interesting piece on the pulitzer finalists this year, observing that Christopher Knight, critic for the LA Times got there by nominating himself. The move seems gauche to me but nobody seems to be holding it against him.(tags: criticism)
  • nasty nets » ))(( How is it these characters (from Miranda July’s Me You and Everyone We Know) yields no google results? Via Marisa Olson(tags: internet)
  • VVORK » I have a lot of questions about this pair of record players, one using a pencil for a needle and presumably a metal surface to draw on. Are there preexisting groves on the plate? What record plays along side it? Are they both moving at the same rate?(tags: art sound)
  • Toronto Art Expo Plays It Safe This sounds like a waste of time: The Toronto fair Art Expo boasts fiddle music, and hosts such companies as Brushstrokes, an outfit that “buys the rights to paintings and then sells the reproductions…by the thousands in places like Ikea.”(tags: yucko fairs art canada)
  • speaking of ashes: Rules For the Artist to Live By Painting can be undertaken only after memorizing the entirety of the October Magazine pantheon, pretending to both dismiss it entirely and understand it totally. Attempts at feeling the subject of the painting will only be discussed with fattish art girls(tags: art)
  • vertexlistblog: “Random Access Poetics” – the opening party Apparently I was the only stopped by the weather Friday night, as this opening was packed. I was also quite sick that day….(tags: art)
  • – the original daily p2p and digital media news site Suzanne Shell sues the Way Back Machine (a project meant to archive the entire Internet) $100,000 for copyright infringement. It’s very unclear how this number has been arrived at, since it’s not like The Way Back Machine profited from the screenshots(tags: internet business lawsuits)
  • Little People – a tiny street art project I totally love this blog! Via Wooster Collective

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