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A lecture on pi

On Saturday March 31st, I compete in The New York Underground Film Festival’s Tube Time, an event I hope you’ll all attend as it’s certain to be a blast. The competition asks each contestant to cull the most outrageous videos they can find on the web and battle it out with the finds of 15 other invited participants, so naturally I sent out a mass email soliciting tips. My brother, a math teacher by profession, sent me the above video in response, informing me that he instructs his kids with it. I’ve been thinking the video isn’t quite “outrageous” enough to make my arsenal, though I rather wish my teachers had known about this video when I was growing up, as I’ve already watched it four times, and by the end of the day I’m certain I will have at least 20 numbers in the string of pi memorized. And thank God for that, since the practical applications of this knowledge in the field of art are endless.

As a side note, I’m pretty amused that web nerds seem to have progressed from looking like this, to being described as “famous, sexy and funny” on the NYUFF website. I guess you’ll just have to attend and judge for yourself how sexy you think we are though, as I’m thinking there’s not going to be a group photo op for this event. Tickets sold here.

Hosted by Gabe Liedman (At Night with Gabe and Jenny). Contestants include Rich Juzwiak (Four Four blog), Chelsea Perreti and crew, Paddy Johnson, John Michael Boling, Ben Coonley, John Seroff, Joe Johnston, Jaime Pereira, Cat Krudy, John Thomson, Matt Savitsky, Dan Carbone, Jessica Delfino (dirty folk rocker with magical parts), Bobby Langdon, Josh Safdie, Sam Lisenco, Brina Thurston, Naomi Leibowitz, and queen bee 2006, the one to beat, Kendra Levin.

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