Via the Onion: Bush Calls Up Civil War Reenactors for Iraq Duty

by Art Fag City on March 26, 2007 Events


The Onion, “In the Know, Our Troops in Iraq
Screengrab AFC

Though reports from the WSJ indicate that The Onion’s News Network would launch tomorrow, I notice the videos are already up. Normally, I’d wait for Tuesday to post about this, but I find this particular clip so hilarious that I’m compelled to blog about it now.

Modelled after the Mclaughlin Group and other political round table shows, In the Know pits the knowledge of four political experts against each other for a minute of two on the Onion set. This time the group argues the pros and cons of using civil war reenactors in Iraq – a subject long awaiting discussion to be sure. The talk mostly centers around whether or not the reenactors were the best group to have been chosen for the draft – Sure 98% of this demographic will not leave significant loved ones at home – but neither will the dungeons and dragons crowd, and they might be less of a cultural drain. This last point came from the right, and was countered with the fact that this group could only claim expertise in weaponary that doesn’t actually exist. Further debate around wands and bags of holding ensues.

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